Getting Wet

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" Have you ever noticed how often literary characters get wet?" Foster pg 153

It took me 18 chapters till I actually think Foster is getting interesting. I found the chapter, If She Comes Up, It's Baptism, very interesting and that Foster really brought up some good interesting points.  The above quote really made me think off all the book that I have ever read or movies that I have watched. There are numerous times in the Lord of the Rings, that there are scenes of rain and dealing with water. Water was a very important part of the first book of the series.  We can even look at our most recent literary work The Great Gatsby, there are particular scenes in the book where there is rain coming down and as we have learned through close reading, that the rain is a symbol in the story. That is not only just for The Great Gatsby. Some of the best movies of all time have scenes where the characters get "wet", but we all know there is a meaning for the rain. In this chapter of Foster, he gives us so many different interruptations of rain and what it could possible mean.

What some of your favorite movies or books where the character gets "wet" and what do you think it means to the story?

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Cool idea!

Spider-Man and Mary Jane kissing in the rain. Definitely a cleansing rain for Mary Jane.

Luke Skywalker going underwater in the trash compactor in The Death Star. He starts out as a whiny wuss from a desert planet (his uncle apparently ekes out a living by collecting water). When the creature pulls Luke underwater, we say goodbye to the desert hick who thinks life owes him a grand adventure.

I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain...
Gene Kelly's character has just had a horrible movie premiere, but he,Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor come up with an idea to turn the movie into a musical. He walks Debbie Reynolds home, she kisses him, and Gene has a triumphant musical number in the rain because he's reborn both in terms of his career and his blossoming relationship with Debbie Reynolds. Best. Baptism scene. Ever.

April Minerd said:

The conclusion of Scarface, Tony Montana falls from the balcony into the pool below. He is already dead before the fall, or in moments will be, so the water plays no role in his death. I would say in terms of baptismal significance it leaves a resonance of regret and failure, a doubled irony because of the statue’s message, “The World Is Yours.”

Jennifer Prex said:

X-2 and The Last Stand:

At the end of X-2, Jean Grey seemingly drowns, but we find out during The Last Stand that she didn't. She was, in a sense, reborn more powerful than ever--or at least more powerful than she had been in a while. She is also no longer herself, as her powers take over. She's not Jean Grey after this; she's the Phoenix. The water in the second movie that is referenced again in the third acts as a cocoon for that character.

The Notebook.
I know, I know, cheesy romance movie but someone had to say something about it!
When they are in the boat with all of the birds around them and it starts to pour. when they get to the dock they realize "It wasn't over, it still isn't over" and they kiss and everything's good and fine.
I think it is a sign that Allie has cleansed herself of the creep and has found her true love again, so that told her what she should do.

Nathan Hart said:

So Angela says that getting "wet" is a sort of cleansing of the body, which I believe is a big interpretation of the whole subject. Same with Matt's idea. Baptism is often another way to think about getting "wet".

Dr Jerz, Star Wars is my favorite movie of all time, and I never thought of Luke going from a desert planetto being capture in the Death Star. Thats a genius interpretation of the whole situation.

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