Judge Literature like a Painting

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How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster
"Writers tend to be men and women who are interested in the world around them." Page 115 
 Though I found this to be painstakingly obvious, I felt that it was worth mentioning. I know that it is obvious to me, but is it to everyone? I am an Art major and if you ask me, anyone who has a creative mind will most likely be found to have an interest "in the world around them." Without the influence of this world I know that I could not be inspired the way that I am with my art work. I would bet that it is quite possibly the same for most writers. 
 Although I did think of how much influence the world has on the creative mind, I never bothered to think of the effect of politics on literature. That is not to say that I never notice a single political theme in anything but I did not really think about it much. I am usually one of those people that tends to take the book's words for face value and look no further. 
 When Foster talks about the political views in "A Christmas Carol" in chapter 13 I would have never thought that there were so many political aspects of it. I never looked for them. It wasn't something that I would have thought important. After reading the Chapter, I began thinkng about how art work does the same thing (although it can be blunter to see because of it being a painting or such). Why not look at literature like a painting? Analyze it into a picture and then pick that picture apart. Either way the goal is to try to find meaning in the word or the image. 


Rosalind Blair said:

I agree that in order to write you must have an interest in the world around you - I feel the same is also true for an artist. Is not the goal of a writer to make a reader interested in the world (even if that world exists only in the words they have written)? So I think to be able to interest others, you must be interested yourself.

Nikita McClellan said:

In response to Rosalind:
Ahhhh yes! I agree you do need an interest in yourself. Ohterwise how can you find interest in life and the world around you? Its just like the say you must love yourself before you can love others.

I agree with you. If a writer or an artist did not have an interest in the world around them then I don't think they would know what to write about or how to write. Some writers will talk about things that interest them and then in return might interest the reader. It's a great cycle and many new experiences can happen from it.

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