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"And why does no rain fall through my recollections, sound through my memories, soak through the hard dry crust of the still so recent past?" Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison Page 36.

I am impressed with the imagery of this book so far. Even though some of the scenes may not be something I particularly would want to picture, Ellison does do quite a good job portraying. I can picture every single detail so vividly. 
I chose this quote however not only because of the imagery but because it seems so poetic to me. It is so emotional; it really makes you feel what the narrator is talking about. 
To me, it seems that the narrator needs a bit of cleansing in his life. Could that be a possible reason for the mentioning of rain? His memories cannot come back to life for him and maybe a good cleansing would bring all that back for the narrator. Though at the same time, the memories that he does share thus far seem to be disturbing enough that many would not want to recall them at all. Does he possibly need cleansing to free his burdened mind? What do you think?


Jessica Bitar said:

Until I read your blog I really didn't really pay attention to all of the imagery in the novel. I went back and looked through some of the chapters and yes, I agree he does use a great amount of imagery to describe things.

I too think that the narrator might need cleansing to help himself clear his mind. I like how you interpreted the quote

Rebecca Marrie said:

Like Jessica, I too paid no attention to the imagery in the novel. I was too caught up in the utter inhumane treatment of the narrator. However, I do agree that the the narrator might need his mind cleansed from the unfortunate treatment he has had to endure. Rain is generally used for cleansing, and this seems like an excellent interpretation of its use in the novel.

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