Disease for emotion

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"Even knowing how disease is transmitted, we remain largely superstitious. And since illness is so much a part of life, so too is it a part of literature." How to Read Literature like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster. Page 215. 
I found this particular quote very interesting because it seemed so true to me. Disease is the main tragedy that inflicts all humans daily lives but I never thought of exactly how much so until I read this. I began to think over some of the books I have read in my lifetime and it is quite true that many of them a death and disease somewhere in them. 
Disease is something that is so relatable. Many people are lost every day to such unfortunate tragedies as cancer. Anyone who has ever lost someone close to any type of disease can tell you how much of an emotional experience it can be. Making a book with such a disease can make a book emotionally compelling for the reader. A reader can relate to the characters who lost the person that was close to them. 


Rosalind Blair said:

I wrote my blog entry this week on the same subject. Disease and illness is so emotional, and I think that is why it finds its way into so many stories. It really brings in the readers attention because they are able to form feelings and concerns for the characters they are learning about - and it encourages them to keep reading to find out how it all turns out in the end.

Rebecca Marrie said:

Even knowing how disease is transmitted, I know it's hard for people give a hug to person with AIDs or give a mentally retarded person a kiss. We tend to distance ourselves from these people for fear of "catching" their disease, even thought we know that this this would not be possible. Literature, like disease, can be something we tend to distance ourselves from. We are afraid of getting consumed in a book when there is so much that needs to be done. Likewise, we are afraid of catching a disease that will put a damper in our lives. We, as humans, like to be in control of our lives.

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