Tea Time With Mrs. Antrobus

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For an Interpretation project, the class was supposed to choose one of the books, plays, or poems that we had read this semester and come up with a creative interpretation of it or add on to the story somehow. We could either work in groups or individually. I worked with Jen Prex on the project and we decided to use the play  The Skin of Our Teeth  by Thornton Wilder. 
In the play, Mammoth and Dinosaur come in to the house and Mrs. Antrobus says to them "Hm!... Will you be quite?  They nod.  Have you had your supper?  They nod. Are you ready to come in?  They nod. " The Mammoth and Dinosaur do not have much of a part other than that. We decided to make the Dinosaur and Mammoth come in covered in mud and track it through the house. Mrs. Antrobus becomes angry and tells them to leave the house. The children (Gladys and Henry), however, change Mrs. Antrobus' mind. The children love their two pets and cannot bare to see them go. Therefore, Mrs. Antrobus decides that as long as Mammoth and Dinosaur can learn proper etiquette, they can stay. She begins with lesson one: the proper way to have tea. Unfortunately, Dinosaur and Mammoth are unable to successfully learn how to have tea and Mrs. Antrobus tells them to leave and never return. 

For this project, I did all of the art work and scanned it into my computer to put into a PowerPoint slide show. Jen did the music using a program called Finale. It is a program that allows you to place note on sheet music. You become a creator of an orginal piece that is copied down. It also allows you to play it back and make it into an mp3. We then had our friend Christine be Mrs. Antrobus and read the lines through a microphone that recorded onto my computer using a program called Audacity, a recording and editing software. It allowed us to put both Jen's music and Christine's voice together. We had to cut parts and slow down some of the music to allow Christine's timing to work with the music. When both tracks (Jen's music and Christine's voicing) were in sync, Audacity allows you to make it into a WAV or mp3 file. We then attached that file onto our PowerPoint. Using the rehearse feature, we synced the music with the slides. The end result was a creative story that is now on You Tube. I recorded my screen using a CamStudio 2.0 . This program allows you to make a video of anything that is going on directly on your computer. You canwe then upload it to You Tube or such websites.

Jen's Blog on our project.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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