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March 13, 2006

A Good Man Is Hrd to Find

O'Connor, ''A Good Man Is Hard to Find'' -- Jerz: American Lit II (EL 267)

I was very dumbfounded when i read this. It is almost hard to to fit together.

"Because I can't make what all I dont wrong fit what all I gone through in punishment."

This man is cazy. However, I can't figure him out. It is funny how he says he can't remember what all he has done wrong. He has convinced himself that he hasnt done anything. Like, I am sure he did kill his father, yet he has created a story that his dad died from the flu.

It is very funny how because the grandmother made a mistake, they ran into the Misfit. It is weird how it seems like the family really doesnt care much for grandma. It is like she is a pain in their butts lol.

Then the cat is the reason for the accident which also was responsible for their meeting with the misfit. It is funny because everythig seems to be grandma's fault.

See, I keep jumping around becase to me that is what this story does. Then, the title is a good man is hard to find. I really don't understand this title much with the story. The way that the son talked to his mother shows that not even the son was a very good man. You do not talk to your mom like that.

Posted by OnileeSmith at March 13, 2006 05:59 PM


Note also the Misfit's final assessment of the grandmother: she'd have been a good woman if she'd been killed every day of her life.

So the Misfit did encounter a good woman... yet it took the death of her family and her own imminent death for her to find the capacity to reach out in love.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at March 13, 2006 06:36 PM

That is true I guess. It is sad that is took that. Though isn't it the famous saying?..."Learn the hard way." It is unfair but as I get older, I see that it is the truth.

Posted by: OnileeSmith at March 15, 2006 05:20 PM

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