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March 13, 2006

Demonstrative Essay 254-263

Demonstrative Research Essay -- Jerz: American Lit II (EL 267)

"With research, our understanding and our civilization grow; without it, they die."

I find this very intriguing. This is one of the truest statements I have ever read. However, I have never really thought about it. In as far back as elementary school, when I had history class, it was like research. However, it was aided by a teacher. If I hadn't been given that knowledge, I would not know about it. This is true to every day life. If one doesn't search for meaning in something, there isn't any. This is very interesting.

Posted by OnileeSmith at March 13, 2006 06:55 PM


You brought out a very good point. I really didn't look at the fact that research is a part of life and that without it there is not a meaning to it. Interesting point of view. I do like this chapter because it can be used as a reference for now and throughout life. Good insight. Thanks for pointing that out.

Posted by: LisaRandolph at March 15, 2006 11:04 AM

No problem. I really didn't think about it either until I read that. It is pretty crazy.

Posted by: OnileeSmith at March 15, 2006 05:25 PM

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