On Moleskine Notebooks


Moleskines are gorgeous. Hardbacks or soft, doesn't matter. They're hand-made, did you know that? (That's what they say, at least).
I remember the first Moleskine I ever had. My cousin got it for me for my birthday. I think we might have bought it on the way to my house. It wasn't wrapped and he handed it to me in a plastic bag. (Not that I cared, I'm a young dude, I don't care if it's wrapped or not). The point it, even if he didn't put that much thought into it, it was the perfect gift. That first notebook was my first time with a Moleskine. I remember reading the little folded history that came along with it. Hemingway, Picasso, some other greats. I was joining a tradition. I was impressed with their durability.
I have found that the Moleskine softbacks hold up better in the long run than the hardbacks. That might have something to do with keeping them in my back pocket.
The problem with Moleskines? They're expensive.
So to be perfectly honest, you can go to Wal-Mart and pick up a Mead for $5.25 and it will be the same basic design and equal quality for less than half the price.
Just be weary of generics. I have a couple that are held together by some threads.
I write a lot.


Moleskines, does PETA ever throw paint on your notebook or parade about outside your house? Can you detail how the writer's medium is important to the inspiration and creative process? Matt and I once talked about what pens we found inspiring, I like Bics.

I know how you feel. I remember when I got my first journal and how much I loved it. Since then, I have collected them, mostly ornate leather ones. Do you think that we love them for their innate beauty or for what they can do for us?

The time spent with these notebooks, the endless hours poured into their pages is what makes my notebooks valuable to me. It is only after I spend countless late nights with them that they begin to matter to me for I know that what is written on their pages would be hard to replace.

PETA doesn't care about the moles. It only cares about cute animals like kittens,baby seals,and bunny rabbits. Moles are too ugly, and that's why paint hasn't been thrown on Patrick's notebook yet.

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