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  • Talis: What about the more socially challenged of us that are read more
  • Rachel Prichard: Paul, don't beat yourself up over your productiveness. the reality read more
  • Dennis G. Jerz: >slam customer Customer: slammed read more
  • Erin: Great customer service, Andy! Another satisfied asshole. I deal with read more
  • Paul Crossman: I never said anything about Warcraft being an under par read more
  • Dennis G. Jerz: Remember, the enemy gate is down. read more
  • moira: That sounds great! Ender's Game is an excellent book. Oh read more
  • Stephan Puff: Hey, I'd play Warcraft. Shame it's only for PC still, read more
  • Diana Geleskie: Makes you wonder what losers at Wikipedia spend all their read more
  • Paul Crossman: Odd, that's the exact same process I go through...except instead read more

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