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Getting the Boot...

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As some of you may know, I own one of the most heavily ticketed cars on campus, and therefore believe that I am the perfect person to market this idea. As the Primary Ticket Holder at Seton Hill University, I propose that all of us who have an overabundance of tickets partake in this geniusly well thought out plan:

I'm not sure how many people are aware of this, but the SHU campus police only posess one car boot. As someone who has been threatened with the boot twice since the semester started, this has been somewhat of a saving grace, as for the vast majority of the time it has been on other peoples cars. When I see the boot sitting in A-lot it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and I know that today just isn't my time.

What I propose is taking this one step further. If all of the people who owe ticket money to SHU come together and buy an old, cheap, crappy car, it would cost a fraction of what paying all those tickets would. Hell, it barely even needs to run. After we buy this car, we leave it in an illegal spot for a week or so, until it accumulates enough tickets to get the boot. After it gets the boot, well, then we continue to leave it in the same illegal spot.

Since we would then own the location of the only boot on campus, we can park without fear or worry. For two hundred dollars we can, in effect, buy freedom from persecution by the man.

Blog Portfolio #1

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Content Coverage:

Delusions of Grandeur- Frost's "After Apple Picking" shows that so called Delusions of Grandeur can be about every day things, even those far too minute to seem grand.

Close reading and I didn't get off to a very good start- undoubtedly the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

Close Reading Sucks- The culmination of that relationship. (with a little bit of humor on the side)

Freedom, Personified- My idea of the perfect way to end a poem about America. (or anything, for that matter)

Symbolism: Helpful or Hurtful to a Story?- A slightly more controversial look at the use and interpretation of symbolism in literature.

Characterization- Robert's takes a look at the important role characterization plays in a story.

The Great Gatsby- This entry talks about how the elusiveness of the main character serves to make him more mysterious.

Gatsby: The Finale- Gatsby conceptualizes the great American dream, allowing Nick to make some painful realizations about life and humanity.

In Depth Blogging: These are entries in which I do more than just pose a question or skim the surface of a piece of literature. Unfortunately, at the time I wrote them, I didn't realize that "in depth" meant that they needed to be linked to outside information. Because of this, these may not be quite what Dr. Jerz was looking for, though linked entries can be expected in the near future.

An All Too True American Caricature- Elmer L. Rice presents a scathing commentary on American Society.

A Tale of Two Ages- Here I give my oppinion on the worth of a certain quote in Fitzgerald's "Bernice Bobs Her Hair."

Gatsby: Part the Second- Covers the issue of Gatsby (as a representation of humanity) creating a new life to match his preconcieved notion of himself.

Discussion and Timeliness: This may sound slightly cocky, but I feel that pretty much every entry I've written, especially those on the short stories and The Great Gatsby have been used to spark discussions in class. This isn't quite as big of an achievement as it sounds though, as our class only has four people, enabling almost everyones blogging topics to be discussed. Be this as it may, I do feel that my entries and topics were a significant catalyst to disscussion during almost every class period.

On top of this, my blog has recieved a few comments outside of class, helping, letting me know that people were interested in what I was saying. Though there weren't very many written comments, I believe the abundance of in class discussions my writings sparked more than make up for this.


Comment Primo- Onilee Smith "Great Gatsby chpts 1-3"

Comment Primo/ Link Gracious: Jason Pugh- "Symbolism, A personal Favorite"

Comment Grande- Jennifer Difulvio "Who's the Fool?"

Wildcard Entry:

Getting the Boot-An informative work on buying your way out of tickets from the campus police.

One of the biggest problems I have come across in my writing so far is my complete disregard for the structure of MLA style. This is a major flaw for an English major, but somehow, it just never seemed important to sit down and spend some serious time on it. Going over my works cited today in class really gave me the opportunity to learn more about the exact things I do wrong, and what I can do to fix them. I was also informed of a webpage which can provide further help on the subject.

Characterization can make or break a story. Flat, one sided characters can leave the reader dissapointed, feeling like he or she would rather be beaten over the head with a blunt object than continue to read the work in question. Three dimensional characters on the other hand, make the story exciting, leaving the reader with an ever consuming desire to turn the next page, if only to find out what the character might do next. In order to make this change from a flat to round character, Roberts says you need to emphasize the characters in the story, making them stand out to the reader. No matter how you do this, he says, it will work wonders towards making your characterization more three dimensional.

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