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Facebook is The Root of All Evil

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What a great idea...a website that enables everyone at your college (not to mention every other college) to effortlessly connect with each other any time they want! What better way to distract people from their studies than by recieving online pokes from cute (well, in pictures anyway) boys and girls whom they will probably never meet.
Also, you can be in great creative groups like the "Fallout boy fanclub," and "I have run from campus police and haven't been caught." Excellent, I can't think of any other way to put my education to better use than by letting everyone know just how many fallout boy concerts I've been to in the last year!!!!11 LOL!1


Anyway, It's not just facebook. For class today we were supposed to watch a video on myspace, but there's another site which I think might more effectively construe the situation : The Urban Dictionary

Here you'll find all sorts of fun and useful definitions, such as "The Myspace Angles." Feel free to check out the link above for the full definition, but suffice it to say that myspace is really just a conspiracy propigated by all the fat and/or ugly people in America in one final effort at picking up the opposite sex. Ahh, I love the internet.

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