Myspace is the Pagan God of the 21st Century.


As long as there are 13 year old girls pretending to be 18, there will always be a niche for Myspace (or at least a reasonable facsimilie thereof). It doesn't matter if a new page pops up that has the same purpose, the concept remains the same. Just as AOL instant messanger made ICQ all but extinct, some other page with "new and exciting features" will probably do the same for Myspace. The point is though, that it wont make one bit of difference. Now that we live in a [mostly] internet saavy world, the internet needs to cater to 13 year old girls and fat kids who can't make friends the boring old fashioned way.

In theory, at least, Myspace will live forever.


Amen! All my friends that are on MySpace (though I'm not, thank God) only hang out with their friends they've known since preschool and when they end up on a date with the "firefighter" who turns out to be some tubby kid that works with their aunt, they call me and cry. I'd rather live life than sit on a computer bragging about how much beer I can drink to people who don't know me anyway.

You used the word facsimile! Woah, archaic.

I do get a bit tired of the argument that "kids need a place to hang out and don't have someplace to go in real life." Well let's put some money into parks and such, then, folks. While I don't claim to have all the answers, I do think that real life is superior to online life any day of the week. No matter what.

What about the more socially challenged of us that are on the Autistic spectrum. A lot of us find face to face communication very difficult, so i feel this is definitely a plus about on line communication sites. Though i do hole heartedly agree that there is no reason to stretch the truth in in anyway." A man whom is friends of everyone has no friends at all" be skeptical about the on line friendships but don't let it stop use of these amazing tools!.

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