In one ear and out the other...


So what was it, less than a week ago that we read a bunch of text and spent almost a whole class on the importance of a title on your work? I mean it wasn't even a debate, the entire class whole-heartedly agreed, saying that no would even bother to read what was written underneath if there was no catchy title at the top.


I just looked at the Writing for the Internet homepage, and over half the entries are titled "Interesting quotes for chapter _____." Some of them don't even bother to let the reader in on the fact that the quotes might be interesting. I know when I see a title called "Quotes from chapter 9," I just can't wait to see what those quotes might be, especially if they're labeled "interesting."

I know what you're thinking right now. Yeah, you...the one who's reading this after using one of the titles mentioned above. "But Paul, these are just my class entries, I don't care if anyone actually reads them!!!11 LOL!!!."
Good, then quit bitching when no one comments on your site. Why do you think we have mandatory comment requirements before we come to class now? I'll tell you why, because people like you are boring and no one wants to read what you wrote, much less comment on it.

All that work for this. I'll bet Dennis Jerz is turning in his grave...oh wait.


i am in complete ageement. after i create a blog entry i tend to go through a very pianstaking process to make sure the entry is titled perfectly. fist i compile a list of potential title names, then i arrange the titles in alphabetical order on ancient spanish cork board that i have fastened to my wall. i then proceed to throw darts that i had bless by a "title swami" at the board until one of the titles has been peirced by 7 darts. i then bury that title, age it for 14 days and post it.

Odd, that's the exact same process I go through...except instead of tacking my titles to the cork board, I usually just use dead babies.

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