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First and foremost, we as a class have learned the vast importance of putting an interesting, provocative title on our works. the body of your work could be amazing, and yet no one would bother to read it if it lacked a catchy heading.

Once you've got the catchy title down pat, you're free to move onto the body of the work. Since this is writing for the internet, oftentimes you find some interesting articles regarding the most popular sites of the times, giving both positive and negative reviews. Sometimes you can even put together some online research, a dash of witty emo, and a densly linked article on technology to really make the folks at home have a good laugh.

If laughs aren't what you're looking for though, perhaps youd prefer a news article from the future, or even a helpful critique of a book about writing for the internet.

Now as many of you probably know, I happen to be an English major, and one of the most common questions I get is what the hell I plan on doing with it, since teaching isn't my goal. Well I thought long and hard about this, and while I didn't come up with an answer, I did come up with a helpful list for the unemployed, detailing what I feel to be the most important parts of profesional email.

We've also had a number of good, long, in-class talks about the importance of having your own style of writing, one which captures the reader's interest and attention while at the same time staying original and unique. This one, in my oppinion goes into a little more depth and detail about my views on Professor Swissler and the nasty email she sent to a group of rowdy students. I feel that this piece really showcases my writing style because it not only utilizes an original voice, but uses memorable phrases, one of which was even specifically commented about by a student.

Out of all my blog entries, it seems that one not even required by the class was the one which recieved the most attention. I mean, I just thought it was a little silly that even after hours of class discussion, people were still writing blogs with names like "quotes from the homework."

On top of this, it's always nice to see that people are reading your blogs, and comments and/or other entries which make reference to your own are a good way to let you know that youve been read. For instance, I have a feeling that Jeremy Barrick didn't really like the tone of one of my entries, and therefore chose to write an entry of his own with regards to how some people aren't nearly as nice as they should be. Though interaction might not always be positive, it is still always nice to know youre being read. Many of my entries have recieved comments, questions and commendations by other bloggers, and rather than link to each one seperately, they can easily be found by visiting my main page (, or by clicking any of the links above.

Though comments on my own site are important, it is equally important to leave comments on the sites of others, whether the reason is to start a coversation, spark a debate, or even just say hi. Some of my comments on the sites of others include: A comment on Erin Waite's blog offering a bit of HTML help, an integral part of a discussion on a different blog of Erin's, and having the honor being the "Comment Primo" on one of Tiffany Gilbert's entries.

The majority of my entries have been timely, and all in all I feel that they have sparked a good amount of discussion both on the net and in class. If I had to pick one thing to change, it would be the amount of comments I have left on other's blogs...though there have been some, it is in this department that I am lacking. Hopefully before the next portfolio I'll have plenty of time to correct this mistake.

Other than that though, I'm amazing.

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