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Now do you really want to read the rest of this? No, I thought not, because how interesting could an article labelled untiltled really be? Just as interesting as any other, truthfully, but no one will ever get far enough to find out if you don't take the extra two minutes to come up with a title. If a reader looks at your page and sees that you don't have a title, he or she is going to think one of two things. First, he might assume that you're too lazy or uncreative to bother writing one, and exit your page on the spot. Second, he might think that you didn't know how to make one, or that you just forgot, and surprise surprise, exit your page immediately.

Dr. Jerz makes some good points about why both the in context and out of conext titles are important on your webpage, and why both need to be interesting and catchy enough to catch the attention of the reader. If your page is lacking either one of these titles, the for all practical purposes, you may as well just take it down.

Unless it happens to be my page. Because regardless of the title, my page is sweet.

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