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Progress, like the proverbial truth, can often be said to be in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, when the question is put forth as to what progress I have personally made in this course, the answer comes out twofold. First, it could be said that I have made an exceptional amount: I have a working webpage, and an [almost] working interactive fiction, neither of which I would have attempted at the start of this course. There is no question that I have learned alot, both from my peers and the class itself, and I have also come up with some new and somewhat humorous entries on my blog. Looked at in this light, it seems that a large amount of progress was made indeed.

Unfortunately though, there is another side to the same coin, which stems largely from the fact that in retrospect, there is a good chance much more progress could have been achieved. This semester has been incredibly hectic, largely due to the fact that I've been working almost full time in the electronics department of Target as well as tutoring philosophy and practicing with the good old Seton Hill Tennis team. What all this amounts to is a good deal less of my time being spent on classwork, and possibly a slightly lower grade of work produced even when the time is spent. It seems obvious that school should take precedence over work in this situation, but sadly this is easier said than done. Looking at it from this angle then, makes me realize how much more productive this semester and this class could have been in a different situation, such as one where I didn't have to keep up with a job.

Oh well...I guess everyone has to step out into the real world sometime, huh? *sigh...*

I'm lazy and incredibly rushed, so sadly you won't be getting the usual delightful commentary that generally accompanies these things. I believe it will be what Dr. Dennis Jerz. calls "a no-nonsense list." Again, I'll get another witty, exciting entry soon, I promise.

The Collection:

A series of blogs involving the ever-elusive interactive fiction:

"Ford, You're Turning Into a Penguin...Stop It."

My own start at an interactive fiction game:

Ender's Game: The Interactive Fiction Game Every Sci-Fi Fan Has Been Waiting For!

Some people edit Wikipedia for informational purposes...I decided to have a little fun with it:

Wikipedia...Where the Fun Never Stops!

A little bit of a wildcard entry for you about my industrious workings in the electronics department of Target:

HD TV is for [little girls men]

One of the requirements of the blogging portfolio is to blog several in-depth entries, but in this case, all my entries are in depth. I tend to not write something without the intent of writing a complete article, and therefore very few of my entries end up being short little blurbs.

There are several shorter blurbs which I wrote on the website we made in class rather than on my blog, so if you would like to read any of my briefer works, feel free to check it out. Oh, and you'll probably be more apt to like it if youre a republican. ;-)

This website is also going to be expanded and rewritten to become my final project

As always, my posts tend to be a bit controversial, and because of this almost all of them have recieved a good number of comments. Below are links to some of my favorites:

Some people thought my wildcard entry was funny, while others worried it might affect my chances of future employment. Eh.

Judging from the comments, It also appears that Ender's Game was much more popular at Seton Hill than I realized.

On top of that, I also posted several entries on both the main SHU blogging page and my own page, so if you would like to check out some other comments i've received, go ahead and visit

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