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Hunting for Treasure

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"His quaint opinons to inspect. his knowledge to unfold on what concerns our mutual mind, the literature of old;"

There is no feeling like that of being consumed by the pages of an antique book. Antique not in the sense of how long it has been sitting but more of so different a culture and view point that it is refreshing yet exciting. A feeling that when you are reading it hurts for you to look away because you are so caught up in what it has to say. Everything around you in a sense becomes irrelevent and the only thing that matters is whats going to happen next in this story. Then the book itself disappears and although the book is right infront of you and you are reading, all you see is are images of the story and all you hear are the characters and the story literally unfolds before your eyes. Being consumed by a book that radiates a time and place unlike that of your own is like a treasure hunt that never gets old because what you always seem to find is another story yet untold.

Emily Dickinson Selection

No Room For Compromise

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"Unmoved, an emperor is kneeling upon her mat."

The soul in itself knows whats best for it and does not stray away from its set path. Neither promises of unknown wealth nor the lowliest of begging can move it. The path chosen from the morals learned throughout life are in a sense set in stone. And because the soul is so stable in this way, this in turn allows for strength and assurance in oneself to be shown from within through our physical bodies. When one's soul is able to display this quality of strength and resilience it cannot help but shine so there is hardly ever doubt on what a person means or feels; leaving no space for ignorance, no room for compromise.     


Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Showing Your True Colors

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"and felt a strange thrill of savage delight, and was strongly tempted to seize and devour him raw; not that I was hungry then, except for that wildness which he represented" (Ch.11-Paragraph 1)

Moments like this described by Thoreau exemplify instincts that we as a people have conditioned ourselves to stray away and completely disregard ourselves from. These innate behaviors that are seen to be "savage-like" and go against everything a civilized society represents are truly basic knowledge inherited by birth in order to maintain survival. Eating, hunting, defense and loyalty to one's own are all behaviors that we would naturally demonstrate if the walls and laws that contain these types of behaviors, were broken down. In this quote it is as if that basic uncontrollable need to display strength and speed, that need to take his place on the food chain was jumping out of the deep within him and caught him off guard. This type of reaction occurs at numerous moments in a person's life. They come from the same place that one refers to when a person shows their "true colors".


Walden (Ch.11-Higher Laws)

Engraved In Their Psyche

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"A man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated." (pp. 121)

While reading this chapter, this quote seemed to jump out at me. Its point of view was so vivid that I had to stop for a second and just let it resonate in my mind. I understood exactly what was being said yet I could not explain it fully with my own words. "A man is not made for defeat" because you can never break his drive, one might lessen it but not completely get rid of it. No matter how much the body is destroyed, the very essence with which he lives and breathes for is never gone. My friend (M. Rivera) disagreed with this though. He said he felt as though a man could be defeated but never destroyed instead. He said said that "a man could be defeated many times but you can't destroy him or his legacy." I found it so interesting that as a male he brought up the issue of passing on legacy so unconciously. At that point in time, it showed the grave importance it is in a man's journey through life for this to happen. Its just so vital to a man to pass on his name and his legacy that its an innermost craving. This may be why it is almost impossible for a man to love a woman who can not bear his children. Its as if it is engraved in their natural makeup. 

How to Read Literature Like A Professor (Ch.13-15)

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