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No Abstract Painting Ever Could

"The Sea of Sunset"

This is the land the sunset washes,
These are the banks of the Yellow Sea; 
Where it rose, or wither it rushes,
These are the Western mystery!

Night after her purple traffic
Strews the landing with opal bales; 
Merchantmen poise upon horizons,
Dip, and vanish with fairy sails.

This poem creates a vivid image of the sunset so perfectly one could picture it through these words without ever having seen one. The way the first line describes how the radiant sun washes over all the land during a sunset, in which nothing escapes it. The way the sunset rushes upon us and no one ever realizes when its began until after the fact and how the bumper to bumper hues of purple create an almost traffic-like ongoing feature that is crucial to its identity. These variations in  color against the sky only serve to create a beauty no abstract painting ever could; taking you higher, leaving you breathless and summoning this inner peace. 

Trespasser in the Midst

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"This is my letter to the world, that never wrote to me"

I must admit that reading Dickinson has always proved to be a journey filled with mixed emotions, thoughts and creative outlooks. Every time I read one of her poems something inside me changes. I feel relief, even if it is temporary, from the complexity of the world. One reason for this effect would be the structure in which her poems were created. Short, simple and clean cut--but that is merely the outward appearance. She truly brings forth the idea that the lesser the words, the greater the sound. To compact such volumes into the most minute of words is no ordinary skill. It is obvious through her works that Dickinson was very much satisfied with the simpler things in life unlike many who would rather see the world through smokey eyes. After listening to the Podcast about her works voyage to publication I almost feel like a trespasser, creeping along the orifices of the brain into locked chambers, picking at the thoughts that were meant to remain within. It is mentioned that her strongest relationships were on paper and at times I feel like I am jeopardizing the sacred bond between her and her words by examining their aim and motivations.   

Voiceless Thoughts

"... the only bond that can keep hearts together--an unreserved community of thought and feeling."

Many people often put great emphasis on making sure that they constantly have some sort of communication with those they want to remain close to throughout their lives. Unconsciously they pour out their emotions and thoughts in order to create a bond that is founded on trust and confidence. Bonds that are above the need for secrets or hidden agendas. Without some form of communication between people it is impossible to truly get to know someone. Although one is able to learn and gather information about a person simply by observing their physical behavior, this information would be useless because it would lack the motivation and conflicts the person faces internally. In order for key determining info to be found out about a person their thoughts must be voiced, their concerns made clear and their passions painted across their chests. In the case of the "The Wife" by Washington Irving, the narrator points to the fact that the only thing that can endanger true and blissful love is the lack of communication. A heart may be filled with unrelenting care for another but unless voiced, a free-flowing highway can never be created. Once voiced, this highway simply cannot maintain its strength without a constant shared communication of thoughts, emotions and ideals as people grow. 

Hell Hath No Fury Like....

". . . what courage can withstand the evil-doing and all-besetting terrors of a woman's tongue?"

Whether you hold the title of a hero or average joe at the end of the day when you step into the ring with a woman it becomes a catch-22 situation. There is little one can do to resist such a poison and once infected it is as if it weakens you entirely. Your immune system becomes irrelevant and everything that rolls off that tongue that is meant to hurt will--the sole purpose and gain becomes pain. I often wonder why woman are considered to be the softer and light-hearted side of our species when in actuality I believe the exact opposite. Having such grave power of destruction is almost frightening for it seems to almost come from a dark angry part of you. 

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