Hell Hath No Fury Like....

". . . what courage can withstand the evil-doing and all-besetting terrors of a woman's tongue?"

Whether you hold the title of a hero or average joe at the end of the day when you step into the ring with a woman it becomes a catch-22 situation. There is little one can do to resist such a poison and once infected it is as if it weakens you entirely. Your immune system becomes irrelevant and everything that rolls off that tongue that is meant to hurt will--the sole purpose and gain becomes pain. I often wonder why woman are considered to be the softer and light-hearted side of our species when in actuality I believe the exact opposite. Having such grave power of destruction is almost frightening for it seems to almost come from a dark angry part of you. 


Great post, Peaches. (Thanks for the two-way link.)

Yes, Rip's desire to escape his wife and his wife's motivation to nag are closely linked, so you have to wonder where it started. Think the notion of women being the softer, gentler sex is deeply rooted in certain cultural traditions, but it's not a big part of other traditions.

"I often wonder why woman are considered to be the softer and light-hearted side of our species"

This is such an interesting claim and could be made into a good argument because it is so debatable. You're right, women are much more often than not to be seen as gentle and caring but so frequently we see women behaving in ways that are destructive.

I tend to agree. Being married, I have seen the "softer side of Sears", but also seen wife's head split open and a demon pop out when she is furious. I believe that I, like a majority of married men that have a wife that can be a little...loud...at times, have developed the seethe in silence model that counteracts the immovable bitch syndrome. Unlike Van Winkle, we nowadays are too smart to roll our eye and make telling signs of our disinterest.

At least I like to think so.

Yes, it seems to me however, that all humans have this dark destructive side to them. It is within every human, not just women, to have the ability to shock and awe others with this almost unrealistic part of their person. The only reason why it is so suprising when it is seen from women is because, like Dr. jerz mentioned, cultural traditions that impose the silent rule "women are to be seen and not heard." We must remember that before classified as males or females were classified as humans.

You got to love a catch 22 situation. Isn't that like a woman - damned if you do, damned if you don't

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