Trespasser in the Midst

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"This is my letter to the world, that never wrote to me"

I must admit that reading Dickinson has always proved to be a journey filled with mixed emotions, thoughts and creative outlooks. Every time I read one of her poems something inside me changes. I feel relief, even if it is temporary, from the complexity of the world. One reason for this effect would be the structure in which her poems were created. Short, simple and clean cut--but that is merely the outward appearance. She truly brings forth the idea that the lesser the words, the greater the sound. To compact such volumes into the most minute of words is no ordinary skill. It is obvious through her works that Dickinson was very much satisfied with the simpler things in life unlike many who would rather see the world through smokey eyes. After listening to the Podcast about her works voyage to publication I almost feel like a trespasser, creeping along the orifices of the brain into locked chambers, picking at the thoughts that were meant to remain within. It is mentioned that her strongest relationships were on paper and at times I feel like I am jeopardizing the sacred bond between her and her words by examining their aim and motivations.   

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When I read your comment about Dickinson's strongest relationships being on paper and you feeling like you're jeopardizing the sacred bond it makes me think of my own relationship with words and paper. I find so much solace and joy in seeing black words or occasionally other colors on white paper.Sometime's the thoughts and ideas put into sentences are so in depth and show so much of who I truly am that I don't want to share them with anyone. So, I understand the feeling of being a "trespasser" when reading her works, but I believe that's also what makes us want to read her even more because we feel a connection to her words,thoughts, and ideas. Because of this we become appreciative of her expression and being allowed to see inside of her mind and soul.

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