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"And lateral thinking is what we're really discussing: the way writers can keep their eye on the target, whether it be the plot of the play or the ending of the novel or the argument of the poem, and at the same time bring in a great deal of at least tangentially related material."" Thomas C. Foster How to Read Literature Like a Professor -- Interlude pp. 85

This idea of lateral thinking brought up by Foster is one of the very fears I face as a writer. I worry that I might become so consumed in my thoughts that I drift so far off topic that there will be no way for me to recover. If worries me about with my poetry, Imagine if I was to attempt to write a full novel. I truly commend authors because they are able to create a world, give it a focus and connect everything within this world to that focus--a skill I hope to acquire someday. I guess in some ways we practice this when writing essays because the thesis becomes our understood focus and our entire essay is centered around this thesis. 

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