"...Give me your spot on the mic if you wanna waste a poem"- Steve Colman

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In an effort to analyze my progress thus far within this classI have prepared my this blog portfolio to highlight some of what I have accomplished by blogging outside of class thus far. This portfolio addresses the coverage, timeliness, depth, discussions, xenoblogs and interactions associated with my blogging. Feel free to review and leave commentary as to how I can improve on any of these areas. 

Coverage and Timeliness

      None but one or two of my blogs have been on time. It is clear that this is an are of which I need to put more time into. I also have not posted an entry for every assigned text but have done quite a few and am in the progress of catching up. My archives holds the list of my blogs that I have done so far. 


        When I blog I try my best to talk about issues that stand out or move me in some way. It may not be everyday that I feel deeply about the designated piece but when I do, it shows. I try to write in depth about pieces that either hit close to home or leave me speechless with their profound effect. One blog in which I wrote in depth about would be my commentary on Washington Irving's "The Wife" which I entitled Voiceless Thoughts. Thomas C. Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor has also brought about points that caused me to not only think deeply but also reflect upon myself. The blogs in which I was able to explore my thoughts more openly were entitled New Perspective, Crossroad Demons and Naked Without My Identity


       Surprisingly enough some of the thoughts that I shared were able to produce feelings and opinions to be brought forth from my peers. Some of these opinions that were left on my entries further developed into fruitful discussions in which I hope was beneficial towards that enlightenment of all parties included. The first of which was my blog on Irving's "Rip Van Winkle" entitled Hell Hath No Fury Like.... Another blog that resulted in conversation was Voiceless Thoughts.


       With the information provided within my blog entries I do feel that a stranger who were to come across my blog would be able to understand and even respond to what I have written. My blogs include  the quote from the text which I am expounding upon and also the author's name. The only way a an outsider would be able to identify this as a class assignment is if they were to click the link that leads back to the course website in which I provide. While writing some of these blogs I was compelled to do outside research and provide links that could further the knowledge of anyone who comes across it. In Writing Without Fear I included a link to a page on Thomas Middleton that gave information about his life, works and achievements. In New Perspective I linked to a page on the novel Beloved that provided book reviews, audio excerpts and essays on the book. And in Crossroad Demons I gave links to the TV series Supernatural that I mentioned in my discussion and also a page which provided information on the history of crossroad demons. 


       In order to keep discussion going throughout our bogs I also made comments on the blogs of my peers. By commenting on the blogs of my classmates I am able to broaden my thoughts and even gain new opinions. Some of the blogs that I commented on include The Wife Listening by Michael McCullough,  Oh, Those Familiar Blood-Suckers Strike Again by Alexi Swank, Weather is never just weather by Stephanie Wiegand, "It's Never Just Rain." It's Other Stuff Too by Patrick Schober, Plotting Your Discussion by Mary Jane Stano, and It's All Political by Megan Nelson. My comments on Michael McCullough's blog Chapter 3 blog from our Foster txt sparked a tad bit of an debate but I think it is one of worth discussion. 

      I have no wildcard entries to summit for this portfolio. I have been wanting to post some of the poems that I write just to relieve some stress or whenever I just feel like picking up a pen but I am a bit skeptic. Although I am not an artist in the traditional sense of the word, I am nevertheless sensitive about my work. I think I might for the next submission get over my fears just merely because reading some criticism would be less harsh than hearing it aloud. 

My thoughts are me and my thoughts are free
Left in silence to explore the connections made from other writers ...Peace Love & Pencils 

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