Crossroad Demons

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"Bargins with the devil go back a long way in western culture."-Thomas C. Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor 

When Foster brought up this concept I saw flashing lights. Situations just as the one described in the book--"the hero is offered something he desperately wants. . . and all he has to give up is his soul"--are often part of the conflicts that arise in literature. After this statement he goes on to pose the question, if allowing one's pride, self-respect and basically identity to be bought is not selling one's soul, then what is? To give all that up is to have nothing, one in a sense gives up the right to speak, have connections with others and basically blow out the candle on your will to live.

This quote also made me think of the TV series Supernatural that airs on the CW on Fridays at 9 which is a show which I am a huge fan {owning all the seasons on DVD} that incorporates all types of religious beliefs. In numerous episodes there are encounters with crossroad demons that negotiate deals between humans and the devil. The demon grants them their wish and after the agreed upon limit {often 10 years} hell hounds come to retrieve your soul.  One particular episode {Season 2} involved the story of Jimmy Johnson who is often mistaken as Robert Johnson. Jimmy Johnson is a blues singer who is known throughout the south for his alleged encounter with a crossroad spirit that explained his sudden guitar playing skill. More information about the crossroads and Jimmy Johnson can be found via this link--The Crossroads.

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