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". . . Seth intuits, that what's coming in the front gate is the Apocalypse. When the Four Horsemen come, it's the Last Day, the time for Judgment."- Thomas C. Foster How to Read Literature Like a Professor

Although I have not read Toni Morrison's Beloved, I can definitely understand how these four white men can be seen as bringers of Judgment. This excerpt brings forth possibilities that never crossed my mind before- this connection between Judgment Day and people who can only bring pain and anguish with their presence. This novel seems as though it would be the perfect example to explore this concept. It causes me to wonder, do I fault this character for her actions? What would I have done if I was put in the same situation and would I be able to live with the actions I would have chosen? Would those very actions affect my final judgment and how? Now that my eyes have in a sense, opened to this possibility of analyzing different works this allows me to be a little more open with my interpretations. 

Here is a link to a web page about Beloved that has book reviews, audio excerpts and essays on the book. 

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