Shakespeare Is Not The "Bomb-diggity" By You....For Real?!?!!

"There is, assuredly, no other country on the face of this earth in which Shakespeare and the Bible are held in such high esteem as in America, the very country so much decried for its lust for money."

William Shakespeare and The American People: A Study in Cultural Transformation by Lawrence W. Levine -In the new Riverside Edition Mark Twain's adventures of huckleberry finn

When I read this I was shocked. Shocked because I could not grasp the fact that Shakespeare isn't the "bomb-diggity" anywhere else. As much as I have studied, heard and seen Shakespeare throughout my schooling it makes me question whether it was even necessary? If you didn't know a single thing about literature you at least knew that Shakespeare was the boss and if you knew anything about his works you were in a decent standing. Now that this essay has shown light on the fact that only in America can Shakespeare be found in even the lowliest of paces, be used as a means of income and at one point top entertainment.


I believe you are right. I also can see that to be true since the people of America are ones that came from England, and that they brought the culture of England and Shakespeare with them. One of their countrymen wrote phenomenal works, and these works encompassed everything from love to lust to fantasy to jealousy and greed. With our language changing daily ("bootylicious" is now in the dictionary!), more "classical" works and their readings and performances are slipping away from us.

It's hard to believe that Shakespeare isn't as highly regarded in other countries. You're right, he really is the "boss" in literature. I wonder what other countries have literature "bosses" that are to them like a Shakespeare. Maybe they wonder why their literature kings aren't studied in America.

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