Naked Without My Identity...

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"Why didn't Napoleon conquer Russia? Geography. He ran into forces he couldn't overcome: a ferocious Russian winter and a people whose toughness and tenacity in defending their homeland matched the merciless elements. And that savagery, like the weather, is a product of the place they come from."--Thomas C. Foster How to Read Literature Like a Professor --Chapter 19 pp. 165

I am the Virgin Islands is what came to mind when I read this excerpt. I completely agree with the concept of geography including ". . .economics, politics, history." When defining a person you have to take in to account not only their personality and friends but also the history of their family and where they are from. Whether you would like to admit it or not where you are from directly affects who you are and where you are going throughout life. This hit home for me because where I am from everyone's life is so embedded our culture that we take it where ever we go and consider ourselves "naked" without this part of our identity. The pride we feel because of where we lives  creates a barrier that would make it impossible to outside forces to come in and do "conquer" us. Because of this I am able to identify with and understand how it was not only the the people he could not have defeated but the particular region.

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I definitely agree with this statement and also the quote. In order to conquer someone or something you have to conquer everything that makes them strong. This can be a number of things ranging from physical strength to mental ability. A weakness or sacred aspect such as family must be found or targeted in the individual or area for them to be conquered and this is intricately linked to who we are, where we are from and ultimately what we hold near and dear to our heart.

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