Writing Without Fear

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While listening to the overview of Washington Irving and brief intro to the "The Wife" I could not help but be amazed by all the accomplishments Irving was able to gather during his lifetime. Among them being a mentor to Edgar Allan Poe and US Minister to Spain. Being able to make a living writing and not having to work to support oneself is also very commendable and most of all inspiring. I too wish to be able to write and not worry about giving up my passion in order to pay bills.

Also briefly touched upon in this intro was the opening of "The Wife" in which we find a few lines from Thomas Middleton. When I first read these lines I was left speechless and wanted to know  more about Middleton so I did a little research and here is a link to a page on his life, works and achievements among other things. 

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Reading your comment about wanting to be able to make a living writing and not giving up your passion made me think. I thought about passion and life without passion and then I moved to think about people who risk it all for their passion. These individuals range from poets to starving artists to musicians. The conclusion I came to after taking this trip in my mind is this: Life without passion is not truly life and having the courage to do whatever is your passion gives you the strength to endure whatever may come your way all for the sake of you doing what you are passionate about. In doing this many forgo the comforts of a life with a clearly paved path, but they are then able to beat and clear their own path and receive satisfaction from it.

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