Words Through New Eyes-Response to Ex: 5 Interpretive Podcasts

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Mary Jane's Interpretation of "In Vain" By Emily Dickinson

This poem was beautiful. I never read this poem before and I must admit I was caught up in the words. I only wished that there was more emotion behind the presentation rather than reciting the poem with a monotone voice. It lacked the sense of hopeless and unrelenting love that Dickinson was sharing with the page. I read the poem on a seperate sheet of paper while listening to her recite it and got a different perception of the poem than Mary Jane. I think this was because that the lines she chose to analyze took away from my understanding a bit. Either way based on the analysis given I was also able to understand the way it was interpretated in the podcast.


Stephanie's Interpretation of an excerpt of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat"

I enjoyed this reading of "The Black Cat." I particularly liked how Stephanie stopped periodically to provide her interpretations. This prevented the loss of important lines and what they meant. From the lines chosen for the podcast I can see how it seems to be much more than alcoholic problem fueling his behavior.

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