March 31, 2005

Conquest of the Unknown

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Toomer, ''Blood-Burning Moon''
Toomer, ''Blood-Burning Moon''

That's what Bob's desire of Louisa seems like to me. It is just part of every man's desire to conquer that which has eluded him for too long. Climbing Mount Everest, exploring the deep seas, exploring the lush jungles, and in his case, having a sexual relationship with Louisa. It would be that much sweeter if he could beat out Tom for it. Its simply male competition.

On another note i like the quote "Looking at them didnt tell you anything." I particularly like this because we as humans have the tendency to lump groups together. Whites may be viewed a certain way by other people, so may Blacks, Asians, etc. Though in this story the context is toward black people, it can be said for everyone. We tend to think for example, "oh that person is white, so he will do this, or react this way." It can easily be remedied by actually conversing with the person and getting to know the,, however we have that general fear of being shunned. So we just decide to take the easy way out.

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