April 08, 2005

The cutting edge is history

Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150): Clarvoe, PICK UP AX

I think the similarities are with Keith's ramblings which are usually funny, and Willy's ramblings, which are kinda crazy. being a gamer myself, keith was my favorite character. he carried the play and a lot of his lines were funny like, "ethics is written by the losers.'' gotta love it

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April 07, 2005

The best gf

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Houston, ''The Best Girlfriend You Never Had''


This is story that is made up of many different stories. most of them either having to do with her father or Gordon. I think her attraction for Gordon has to do with the apparent "tough love" her father had exhibited to her throughout her life. Off topic here...but when she talked about how her father used to just throw her into the ocean is how many caribbean people learned to swim. and it usually is the father who does it. its funny now that i think about it.

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The Skinny...ummm...Skinned Steer

Jerz: Am Lit II (EL 267): Proulx, ''The Half-Skinned Steer''


Well...half-skinned. I like the humor in the story. some may not see it because of all the gruesome details in it, but its there. like when he was told his brother was clawed to death by an emu. lol!!! death is not funny, but i pictured how he would look if he was actually being clawed by an emu...to death to boot. i know most of you know what an emu is, but in case you forgot, it is an ostrich-like bird. it looks so ridicuolous if i saw one approaching me I would die of laughter before being clawed. this is a Final Destination-like story in the sense that it seemed he was meant to die. he left home so long ago with no intent of returning. now a situation occurs where he feels obligated to return to a place he once knew. its as if Fate set him up for the kill. on another note Proulx was almost poetic, no...definitely poetic in with some of her sentences. For example, "In the long unfurling of his life, from tight-wound kid hustler in a wool suit riding the train out of Cheyenne to geriatric limper in this spooled-out year...." Wow...there is more metaphor in that sentence than one can find in some books.

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April 01, 2005

Sad, Sad day in the life of a salesman

Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150): Miller, Death of a Salesman

This was one of the saddest plays I have ever read where it actually makes me feel for the protagonist. I get the sense that he knew he was a failure to his sons, but he didn't want to accept that fact, so he fabricates a life of importance and success. It made me feel really bad when I found out he tried to commit suicide. That lets the reader know that he wasn't blind to his faults. Another sad part is how he kept predicting the masses of people that will show up at his funeral, then at the end, its only his family. It shows that he is consistent in his lies, even upon death. I think he is a brave man for committing suicide for the betterment of his son. Biff is the only one in the family to come forth with the realization of who they really are. This is significant as he is the one who went through the major change in his life around the time he caught his father cheating. Though it is sad, I like works like this where it does not end on a high note

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