March 14, 2004

They Have Breasts, So What?!

Feminists want equal rights for everyone, especially women. They want it everywhere, even in video games. Some feminists don't realize that some kind of progress is taking place.

Most female characters today are strong, powerful, and at least equal to male charatcers if not beyond. The female characters have a "kick butt" attitude, that they come through on. They carry fatal weapons, and handle them like pros, can do amazing martial arts moves. go on the same quests as males. Nikki Douglas asks "how long have we waited for this?" She sees the female character as a "representation of herself, as a women."

Now it appears that female characters are equal to males characters, well at least power wise. But feminists aren't happy. They want to change the character's appearance. Laura Croft has a small waist and large breasts, so what? She's got the power. She kicks any guy's butt who gets in her way. Helen W. Kennedy thinks that Laura is a cyberbimbo. She feels that Laura is a good character until you get to her looks and body. Since Helen found this image ,we should look at Laura differently. Someone just got creative on the Internet. Now if we saw Princess Peach like that what would Helen say? Protest her because someone got creative?

Elaind Showalter is afraid that young girls will look/see Lara Croft, and become even more obessed with their appearance. That young girls will be more and more disgusted with their own appearance and go to extremes to change their body. Well I hate to break the news, but girls are already like this and will continue to be obesses due to TV and movies. Playing Lara in a game isn't going to do as much damage as seeing Angelina Jolie represent Lara in the movie. Why do you think they picked Angelina? Because she already had the body they needed. Game characters aren't real, but the movie stars that represent them are. Angelina shows girls that it is possible for a human to have Lara's body.

Feminists not only have a problem with action/fighting games but also sport games. Beach Volley Ball has girls in bikinis, so what? That's what you see human female players wearing. Most professional female volleyball players wear two pieces. (Two pieces allow more mobility than one pieces.) Should we protest them? Some have large breast and tiny waist. This game is an image of the actual sport. Beach Volleyball is played on a beach, so you're not going to wear sweats, but a bathing suit that YOU feel comfortable in and allows to play.

Game producers are trying to sell their product, and those that are buying are hormonal men and boys: SEX SALES!!!!!!!! Female characters have breasts and great bodies. They are also powerful and get the job done.

Even with Jurassic Park: Trespasser. You don't know that you have a female character, Anne who is a scientist, until you look down and see large breasts. I don't see a problem with this. The game creators allow you to look in all directions, so if you are female and look down, you are going to see breasts. Go ahead girls, look down and tell the feminists what you see!

Male characters are also built unporportionately. They have huge pecks, arms, and have a six pack stomach. Their legs are also built well. Just like with women, they are not the norm we see in everyday life. Men usually wear sleeveless shirts, if they're even wearing a shirt at all. They are in tight pants or shorts. Men critics aren't complaining.

It is true that female characters don't all have large breasts, but they do have breasts. Princess Toadstool has breasts, although they might not be as big as Laura Croft's. Now we have a problem with how characters dress, with showing breasts? Where is it all going to end? Feminists are never going to be happy. They forget that SEX SALES!!!!!!!!!! It's nothing agaisnt women, game producers are just out to make a buck. I ask again they have breasts, so what?

I did a little survey of my own. I asked females between the ages of 18 and 26 the following:

There are two women and you have a choice to look at/see one on the beach. Both are very beautiful and are in bikinis. One weighs between 100lbs to 120lbs. The other weighs 350+lbs. Which one would you rather look at or see on the beach? Out of 22 females, 17 said the 100lb-120lb, 2 said the 350+ and 3 were neutral.

Feminist want change, well they're going to have to start with society. The females in my survey were brought up that thin and beauty are what is accepted. It's not the game makers' fault. They just create to society's standards.

Posted by Rachel Howard at March 14, 2004 05:58 PM

Rachel, very entertaining post! I do think you have an interesting point. I think that game makers do make women with "kick butt" attitudes and nice bodies because it's a necessity if they want to make it realistic. No offense to overweight people, but a woman who weighs more than, I'd say 150 lbs would never, in real life, be able to do the moves that a woman who only weighs 110 lbs can do. So it's not realistic to make an overweight video game character have top notch athletic ability. As far as the volleyball game, well, I have admit that is taking it a little far. There are two peice bathing suits that are more modest than the ones those girls are wearing. But, I guess you're sells.

Posted by: Jamee at April 25, 2004 04:04 PM

Wow, this is the most disappointing article that I've ever read. I'm sorry, but volleball players do not look like that. They do wear two pieces, but they don't have balloon-like enormous breasts. It is no the fact that they have breasts that are upsetting, but the fact that the bodies are unrealistic. Also, can we have a strong woman in a video game without her having to be a sex symbol?!! That survey question was ridiculous, that did not prove anything. This whole article was sloppy and sad. By the way, its SEX SELLS! Not SEX SALES!

Posted by: Jahleh at May 6, 2004 10:08 AM

I wonder if most people would find choice sufficient. For example, if EverQuest and whathaveyou allowed character models and clothing that looked more in line with human standards in addition to, rather than instead of, their existing options, would that be enough? I could understand not wanting to be forced to play a character one personally found distasteful, but I suspect there are those who want all instances of what they would call the male ideal of women to be eliminated in favor of elements closer to the average.

Of course, that's the thing about fantasy: Your looking for things beyond the average. If you want characters who look average going about doing average things, why not just put down the console and go outside? Perhaps particularly attractive characters make some female humans feel bad. I feel sorry for them. Conversely, I'd feel bad if all you had in games were 350# blimps or stressed-out faces showing the wear of long years in an uncaring world. Is choice enough, for the majority? I can target those games with characters I find attractive, and they can get those games whose characters they don't find offensive.

Posted by: Jon at April 7, 2006 12:13 AM
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