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October 10, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Article

Ex 2-1b: Morgan Spurlock article -- News Writing (EL 227)

My article Dealt with the lecture that Morgan Spurlock gave in Cecillian Hall. Since I am not sure how to explain exactly what my article contained, I thought I'djust blog my favorite part of it.

Spurlock went on, in a very humorous way, to explain how McDonalds reacted after the movie was released. “The movie took off in a way I never expected. Even the people who contributed to the movie didn’t expect it,” said Spurlock. He mentioned several “coincidences” that occurred after the movie was released. This included the fact that after the premiere of Super Size Me at the Sundance movie festival, McDonalds actually got rid of the super sized portions. Also, Spurlock added, “After the movie was released sales plummeted 75%.”

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