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August 31, 2006

internet identies

Karrisa's article modified my opinion about people's online personas. I have to say that most of the people i kno that are on facebook do post sum crazy things on their pages. pcitures of them drunk, or they are members of stupidly names groups. Now for my close friends i see and talk to everyday this is not surprising or bad to me in any way. However, for the people i am friends with only on facebook and never really talk too it's still no that awkward to me. If i have class with these people and i see them on campus and they are just normal and quiet, i still do not see any thing that wrong with it. It is true people are more different online then they are in real life. I think people are perceived differently because the internet is something that gives people the idea to be more than waht they are in real life. Ive talked to people who are outgoing online yet when i talk to them in person they have like nothing to say. At least they are not as outgoign as they were when they were in their online persona.

People need to realize that how they are perceived on line isnt only seen by professionals, but the general public too.

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August 30, 2006

Myspace the movie touches too close to home

David Lehre was right on when he cameup with this idea. After the movie was done, not only was i laughing but htinking to myself how id seen all those things before (with exception of the deer head toting hillbilly with the duck call ). Ive seen couples break up over certain pictures or top 8 posts. Who hasnt been to a party where they are doin something utterly stupid and drunk and the next day your on facebook or myspace. It seems to me that alot of people our age now measure their love in messages and comments. I admit i do sometimes...only a lil bit. I really enjoyed this assignment because it made me realize how communicating with these type of sites is really a big part of culture now. In all honesty, myspace, friendster, facebook, etc these sites are like crack to our generation. Highly addicting.

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