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September 26, 2006

Catch my attention wth simplicity!

"The Web as a medium. makes reading hard, limits context, challenges the even most eager skimmer, destabilizes and solidifies the text that acts as part of the interface."

In these chapters I learned of the importance of the text and exactly how it is used both as content as interface. I enjoyed the bulleted list on pags 64 nand 65 about assumptions about text in the age of the internet. I never realized that so many factors affect the way internet reader are able to read text. They even mention how paper is still easier for even the most accomplished skimmer to read. Also, I was able to begin to understand just how content and interface work together in everything we read on the web.
The idea of attention is more addressed in chapter 2. I found that getting and keeping your readers attention is something that is reflected on how u set up your page and write. Phrases we use in our writing will grab a readers attention. Also, simplicity will get attention and take most of it since it is a limited resource. the more simple the writing the long the attention will be towards it

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