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September 23, 2006

EL 200 "Going Live" Chp 1 & 2

The book "Going Live" has caught my attention more than any of the books we have used in media lab in the past. I am enjoying the specific examples it uses when talking about the evolution of live, on the spot news. In chapter one, Phillip Seib gives us an idea of how coverage on the internet and television have affected society. With statistics about the rise of the internet use among news watchers and history of how in the past use of the radio in certain live events changed news, Seib gives us a window into how the present has become the present in news coverage. I like how the examples of the Zapruder film and the death of Robert Kennedy presented live news with emotional edge. Also, my favorite part was the part about enterainment and politics and how there is a question about whether or not journalists should get the news out as quick as possible or make sure the specific facts are there first?
In chapter 2, I was pleased with the amount of examples used in explaining how news channels handle unpredictable spot news, how channels like CNN and MSNBC reach out to their local affiliates, and the actual impact those local news channels have on major stories that happen in everyday american communities. With recent examples like the Starr report, the O.J simpson car chase, and the Jonesboro school shooting all helped me come to understand more of what major news channells need to do to bring us some of the most memorable live moments in news.

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