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September 22, 2006

Privacy Not Included

"Reid writes, tools like Deja News "encourage a holistic projection of self into the virtual landscape." Coherent and persistent online identities, she says, increase the sustainability of online communities by deepening bonds between the members. "

This topic reminds me of when i was younger and I remember the "do not call" list controversy. In the past people were upset that just their telephone numbers were being put out to companies without their knowledge. How could something so personal be out in the public is what people thought. In todays society, with everyone online saying everyting they could say about anything you could think of, ofcourse it will be accessible for anyone. That's just the nature of technology. It will help us out in many ways, but harm us in just as many ways also.
I think Reids idea that people in online communities become closer because they are all hiding behind some kind of fake online persona is right on. Bloggers, gamers, even pedophiles, all exist in these online worlds where their words and actions will be on the web for everyone to see. Sort of a big brother concept, but sort of not one. If you know what you are putting on the internet, then you should know or have a general idea of who will have access to it....everyone. Including government, police, FBI, etc. Privacy is not something we have in all corners of life now and especially not in our online life.

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