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September 12, 2006

what's the deal with email and professors

"The stakes are different for professors today than they were even a decade ago, said Patricia Ewick, chairwoman of the sociology department at Clark University in Massachusetts, explaining that "students are constantly asked to fill out evaluations of individual faculty." Students also frequently post their own evaluations on Web sites like ratemyprofessors.com and describe their impressions of their professors on blogs"

I always knew that you talk to your professor in more professional way then you would talk to just anyone. Whether it is through email or not, you need to show a certain amount of respect. I've come to experience, after a year in college that how to email the teacher is actually on the mind of alot of students. I've been asked numerous times by my friends how exactly they should ask a question to a teacher. sort of a What do You think kind of question. I do not think that these teachers should be so concerned about how they ansewer their emails. just please ansewer us.
In my own life, it depends on the professor basically on how to write and what to write to them in an email. Some of my professors are very exact on what they want us to ask them and how to reach them. Others are just nice enough to answer quicky in informal sentences. I have never had a complaint myself about how i emailed a teacher and i really have no complaints on how they reach me. Even though they may worry about their evaluations, i've seen students fill those out without even looking. While, email ettiquiete is important it is also a need to realize that email is meant to a quick form of communicating.

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