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September 22, 2006

You gotta crawl before you can walk

"E-mail readers were very primitive back when they were used mostly by geeks who didn't need no steenkin' icons or menus. Newsgroup postings were plain text -- no icons, no graphics, no navigation buttons. This wasn't some odd retro choice -- it was the command-line interface. You typed something to the computer, and it typed back to you. That was how computer interfaces worked (and it was a great improvement over paper tape and punch cards). "

OK, I now feel better about my prior trouble with understanding usenet. It just seems that it was such an old style that I just plainly did not understand it. Even in Professor Jerz's quote above, I still know what the word interfaces and newsgroups mean. I do not understand how an online community like UseNet could have been so plain. I mean if there wasn't half of what we can do to our blogs and myspaces now, then what did you do? It also seems kind of odd that things were in such broad topics and not singled down to specifics. to me that is what the internet is all about, specific information.
I can appreciate that everyone has to start somewhere. you have to crawl before you can walk and that goes for all things in life, even online technology. Still, I can not begin to imagine Professor Jerz being at all lost in online blogging at anytime. I mean i thought he was born automatically knowing all of this. : )

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