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October 10, 2006

Chapter quotes for 14-16

Here are some quote from chapters 14-16

Chapter 14
"No matter how the journalist remains on the ublic's Trust Meter, at best he or she provides a valuable filter service."

"You filter the news byt he way you write about those topics showsing what you think is important, and not, through your headline and lead."

"Think through the terms people would enter if they wanted find your piece."

"You have to argue that honestly actually builds trust and traffic."

Chapter 15
"Emotions sell"

"These same readers will come back to see what other readers had to say about their comments, and son on. The best way to augment this kind of discussion is to say something controversial."

"Fit within the word count, or die."

Chapter 16
"Writing good web queriesis just as important as writing the article itself."

"You should adapt your master resume each time you apply for a new time, so it seems as if you are the perfect candidate."

Posted by RachelPrichard at October 10, 2006 3:33 PM


Very insightful quotes, many which I will probably end up posting in my own blog...Though they are all well chosen, I particularly like 'emotions sell': so simple, but so true.

Posted by: Katie at October 10, 2006 6:38 PM

I liked "Fit within the word count or die."

Posted by: Cherie at October 11, 2006 9:29 AM

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