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October 22, 2006

Constuctive Criticism compliments of TOG

"Everyone, as you know, loves a well-thrown pie, with the exception of the recipient, and that is the difference between a public utterance and a private report. In the case of your clients, you want to serve them the pie, not hit them in the face with it."

While I still don't know very much about professional web design and the training that comes with doing it, I found this little echange between the professional and the student to be helpful. It really does back to how your writing reflects on yourself in the professional world. I was eve surprised at the tone and grammar that this student was using to speak to a professional group. Also it may have seemed that the professional was coming as kind of rude to the student, but he should be veryhappy that a professional wanted to take the time to give him pointers about his report. Especially, when working in a profession where your work is so visible to the public. You need all the constructive criticism you can get. So learning how to communicate with an audience and other professional is important. I was even a little surprised to learn how this professional communicates with others in his field. I like how he said to seperate how to private report and public utterance. It makes perfect sense in any situation a college student faces in goin in to the real world job market. Even Professor Jerz was getting praise from this person, and that is impressive coming from someone in a job like TOG.

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