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October 19, 2006

"Bush's recognition that the fantastic theoretical device he envisioned was not an end in itself reminds us that weblog, for all their promise and vivacity, are just another clumsy human-to-human interface, like language and war."

This reading began as sort of hard for me to understand. The blogging culture is something that when only seen from a far away view is perhaps not the important or "nerdy" per se. Through the work I have done in the past year and in this semester, I have come to find that the blogging culture is more. It is a community, It puts news in the hands of the audience, it is a form of global communication that people of decades ago could never have thought possible.
After reading this paper, I can also see now how it is an organized system the blogosphere really is. Linguistics, research, and peer criticism all are a part of what happens when one writes a blogs. I admit I still have a little troublel understanding meme conduit, but i think what i got out of this paper is that the blogging we do in class, out of class, or other wise is part of something big. Something that professors have actually written academic papers about, researched, criticized, and been cristicized themselves. This blogosphere is important in the future of writing and we are a part of that future.

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