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November 24, 2006

Project 3 proposal

I would like to expand the website I was working on in project 2 for my final project. my website for project 1 would be expanded to include pictures that actually show up, I think 2 links to information about the city, and better decsriptions. I will keep the idea of city nightlife but I want to expand some on it. even thought I may be a little bit rusty on html coding I am going to try my best with making the site more than what it was when I turned it in earlier in the semester.

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November 12, 2006

Portfolio 2 - writing for the internet

Ok well this semester has been a little harder for me with blogging. With the new information we are learning it is harder to make blogs that express what I've learned in a smart way. I just hope that this portfolio can give a little credit.


Assigned Reading for Oct 20
Assigned Reading 1 for Oct 23/a>
Assigned Reading 2 for Oct 23
Assigned Reading for Oct 25
Ex. 6 Website
Ex. 6 part 1 for Oct 25
IF workshop for OCt 30
Assigned Reading for Nov 1
Assigned Reading for Nov 3 partner game
Assigned Reading for Nov 8
Project 2 beginning of game idea


blog on "How to Write a Report" reading
blog on first Video Game workshop
blog on video game logic
blog on depth of games


richly linked blog entry


my website being done and no one elses was
me giving Cory some credit


my website reviewed by peers
My video game idea
Cherie seemed to really like my comments about character


Assigned Reading 1 for Oct 23/a>
Assigned Reading 2 for Oct 23
Ex. 6 part 1 for Oct 25
Assigned Reading for Nov 8

Richly linked blog entry for media

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Media Lab - Seib chapter 7 - New Media...finally

I think I appreciated chapter 7 the most out of this whole book. I can't pick just one topic or sentence to speak about. Of all the journalism books I have read so far in college, this book is the first to put a whole chapter to how exactly new media will change the face of journalism in the future. I especially liked the part on page with the NBC job posting. It entails that I am actually learning skills that will benefit me in the job market in the next five years. When Seib talks about how not ony journalism is changing with new media and online, but education for students being trained as journalists is changing too. The things he has talked about are what I have experienced here at Seton Hill and what makes this journalism so different from other schools programs.
I can still see a battle between traditional journalists and online journalists also. Progression is progression right? I mean all kinds of professions progress, it makes me wonder why some journalist are not as happy as the progression of new media journalism. I do, however, think that the prinicples of journalism should stay as they are no matter the medium they are coming to the public in. With the internet we do have news that the audience can respond to quickly and in depth. What the public wants the public can get nowadays. Are the interactive capabilites really overrated?

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November 8, 2006

Start of something good?? Maybe?

The type of game I want to create is kind of like a grand theft auto deal meets need for speed. I was thinking it could be about a SHU student who find a secret car racing club in one of the back parking lots. It could start with a student who can't get their car to work in like the far back lot. They then see a group of cars roll up. Then one of the drivers could be like "do you need help?" The student could A) say yes or B) say no. If they pick A) not only so they get help with their car, but they get an offer to accompany these drivers to a location. maybe it's for racing or maybe it isn't, the student doesnt know yet. If the student picks B) the campus police see them and write them up for drinking since there was an empty case of beer and some beer cans laying around their car.

That's just a start, I am having kind of a hard time being creative with the choices and things. I haven't written in a creative way for a while. Please bare with me if my game sucks.

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November 7, 2006

Characters Welcome

"Casual details like these are often found enriching ordinary prose narratives, but when they appear in the opening screen of an IF game, they take on a great deal of prominence"

While I am not really sure what my little game is even going to be about. I am curious to see how my story telling skills are these days. I mean, if someone is going to actually play my game, I at least want a plot that will catch their attention. While I grew out of videogames and computer gamea a while ago, I still see many guys my age and older, becoming wrapped up in the idea that they get to be some completely other person in a completely different situation then they are usually in. Last night, I actually observed about 5 of my guy friends playing FIFA world soccer on XBOX. This game has been sweeping across the SHU campus as the game that seems to be replacing Madden NFL football in popularity. I've seen these guys for about 2 and half months now play this game constantly. While their girlfriends and I just nag about how they are addicted to it and they need lives, they continuously keep playing. When asked why, what is it about this game that makes it so great? My friend Jordon responded, "You can be a superstar soccer player in it." However lame of an excuse that is, it is still true. With all the choices, characters, plot themes one can have in a game, it is no wonder it takes players to a different place. It makes them something they are not in real life, even if it is a superstar soccer player.

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November 6, 2006

Media Lab - Richly linked blog entrry - Ethics, Journalism, DUH!

After reading chapter six of Going Live, I found that I had learned some new things about the ongoining battle with eithics and journalism. As the chapter begins I found that Seib had several examples of popular stories in the news which included Timothy Mcveigh confessing to the Oklahoma City Bombing and the breaking of the President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal. I was unaware that the Mcveigh story was the first to be be broken on the Dallas Morning News website 7 hours before it was in print. I liked how Seib puts emphasis on the web being a big part of this "kind of journalisitc Bastille Day."
With all that I am learning about the media and the internet, I don't know why I was still surprised that the ethics of this article were questioned. I've realized in my own writing on the Setonian that accuracy and checking facts is one of the first things that a journalist learns.
"Emphasis on speed is an integral part of the news busniess, but for most newspaper journalist, the news cycle has been a daylong process, with a rhythm of reporting, fact checking, and editing geared to meeting a firmly established deadline for producing the next edition."
Seib identifies one of the most important parts of writing something that will be published ina periodical, online or not online. With that, Seib introduces the writing style of Matt Drudge, famed writer of gossip and getting stories out of unknown sources out to the public with no shame. I only knew a little of Matt Drudge before reading this chapter, but Seib puts Drudge out there as a so called "information anarchist." I guess in a way Drudge is takign advantage at just what the internet is offering the world. A chance "take on the powers that be." He even argues that there will be no editors in the internet world in future.
Does the public really want unedited news?? I mean I always do appreciate when a news website shows how long it has been since it's last update, it gives me a sense of comfort and stability on their part. It should be understandable to the public now with 9/11 and war time journalism that news won't always be right on target, but most of the time tries to be. I think alot of entertainment magazines get reputations as the actual face of fast news, when it is not even news that they cover. Journalistic ethics play a big role in some of the most respected periodicals and journalists. I mean would anyone really tune in to CNN if it wasn't being ethical?
I also enjoyed some of the ethics topics discussed in the chapter. The ones on pages 150-151 are the same ones that we on the Setonian follow today. Presenting corections in ways most likely to undo damage that the original error may caused and respecting copyrighted material and things from other sites. I think ethics are recognized in journalism quite a bit, even with the growth of the internet. In writing ethics on any level should be recognized.

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November 2, 2006

HHGG only experts need apply

Since the games on IF were not working at all on my computer I decided we should try hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I had not played the game yet at all. I found this game to be incredibly hard, but has an interesting story line. I admit I got killed two times. I think the idea that it is supposed to be in England is fun too. I found that just getting out of that first bedroom was hard enough, I liked how the games site had hints and index of what to do in the game. After looking at these I got a little further but not much. I think this game is ok , but defintley not for first time users of these kinds of games. You need to know how to logically tackel these games first.

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