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November 12, 2006

Media Lab - Seib chapter 7 - New Media...finally

I think I appreciated chapter 7 the most out of this whole book. I can't pick just one topic or sentence to speak about. Of all the journalism books I have read so far in college, this book is the first to put a whole chapter to how exactly new media will change the face of journalism in the future. I especially liked the part on page with the NBC job posting. It entails that I am actually learning skills that will benefit me in the job market in the next five years. When Seib talks about how not ony journalism is changing with new media and online, but education for students being trained as journalists is changing too. The things he has talked about are what I have experienced here at Seton Hill and what makes this journalism so different from other schools programs.
I can still see a battle between traditional journalists and online journalists also. Progression is progression right? I mean all kinds of professions progress, it makes me wonder why some journalist are not as happy as the progression of new media journalism. I do, however, think that the prinicples of journalism should stay as they are no matter the medium they are coming to the public in. With the internet we do have news that the audience can respond to quickly and in depth. What the public wants the public can get nowadays. Are the interactive capabilites really overrated?

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