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January 30, 2008

EL 336 - natural handwriting

"All verbal expression, whether put into writing, print, or the computer, is ineluctably bound to sound forever. Nevertheless, by contrast with natural, oral speech, writing is completely artificial. There is no way to write "naturally." (pgs 321-322)

There really is no way to write naturally. If that were the case, the entire world would write the same. That is the beauty of writing. When you look at a book like BOOK you see that the different styles of writing from ancient times to now, really do impact print. They do this by giving print personality or a identity. It is like how people write in cursive and there writng is eloquent and pretty. yet, when someone writes on a post it quickly there print is is ugly and unreadable. What about printing on a computer? I know that writing on here makes my handwriting much more readable and relateable than if i would be writing this by hand. At the same time, there may be a connection to sound and writing. I can hear my fingers on the keyboard when I type. I can hear my pen scribbling on a new piece of paper.

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