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April 27, 2008

EL 336 - Portfolio 3

This is my blog portfolio 2 for the class EL 336 History and Future of the Book. Int his class we look at the history of the book starting from oral culture to the inroduction of the manuscript and printing press all the way to the digital age and how it has affected book culture. This portfolio is one made up of my blogs from the class. It is a kind of online discussion that the classmates do with eachother about the different readings. It is a way to get our opinions to eachother in a digital way that anyone can see.

This portfoilio consists of blogs having to do with digital culture, the last part of the class


Kirschenbaum Chp 1 and 2


Doctorw first part


pretty much all my entries follow this, but here are some of them

Aarseth Chp 5;8-9

Kirschenbaum chp 3

Kirschenbaum Finish


Kirschenabum chp 1 and 2

Baio blog response




Aarseth Chp 5;8-9


Kayla's blog

Leslie's blog

Kayla's blog again

Daniella's blog

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