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September 30, 2008

EL 405 - Inform 7 tutorial

Well with the horribleness of technology I finally got my inform 7 tutorial on youtube for the class to see. I found Inform 7 actually less frustrating this time around. I think it was the better step by step and show style of teaching this time. I could probably do some basics if I had to sit down in front of it right now and crank something out. That is definitley not happening though.


Here is also my script for my tutorial (the one I was working on in class was much better) :

"SHU and You" by Rachel Prichard

Sullivan lawn is a room.

"You wake up in the middle of the lawn. You really must find out what happened last night. To the west is Havey Hall. To the east is Canevin. To the south is Reeves library. To the North is Sullivan Hall."

The gazebo is in Sullivan Lawn. In the gazebo are Billy, Buddy, and Mac.

East of Sullivan is a room called Canevin.

The description of Canevin is "You enter Canevin Hallway. There are offices with different names on each side of you. Students are rusing both ways down the hallway."

A lot of students are people in Canevin. The description is "They must be going to class. Or leaving it just as quickly. Just then, a girl runs into you."

Posted by RachelPrichard at September 30, 2008 6:16 PM


Great concept. Good script. I think you have something there. You should create that for your final. It would be a good thing to put into the Setonian online.

Posted by: Jeremy Barrick at October 2, 2008 10:22 AM

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