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October 21, 2008

EL 405 - IF Revison

In my revision of my Inform 7 game I added more interactivity with the characters. In my testing I saw people wanted to be able to get some answers out of the characters, so I thought it would be a smart move. Maybe it comes from my ability to interview people and ask them questions. Also, found that it was not as hard as it seemed to add in some conversation pieces to the game. While I have not been able to completely redo my game, I think this part of it will make it more affective tot he player.

Since we will be moving onto using anothe program, My inform 7 days are probably done. I think this is an effective tool i teaching amore creative/fiction type of writing. It has the potential to really get a story that writer has going and feed their creative side. The problem solving aspect of the work in making a game is what I dealt with more in my experience.

I got my friend mike to take a look at my game over the weekend. Since he is a college guy, he has definitley dabbled in video games. He isn't really into problem solving games liek inform 7 but, he liked the relatable setting of SHU. He through the personal touch of characters liek the dudes in Havey were funny. He did get a lost on how to get the right commands at first, but he got the hang of it somewhat. When somone making an inform 7 game can relate to their audience's interest, it makes a difference. It was fun to see someone battling with inform 7 like I used to.

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