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December 4, 2008

EL 405 Final Project Main Blog 3

Here is my cam studio presentation on my inform 7 game

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EL 405 Final Project Main Blog 2 - Interactive Inform 7 Game

The game should appear below.

The part above is the game.

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December 2, 2008

EL 405 Final Project Main Blog 1

Welcome to the blog on my final project for EL 405 - My first complete Inform 7 game entitled : "Seton Hill Game"


When I began working with Inform 7 in my sophomore year at SHU, I never thought I would get to the place where I am now. I have for the first time successfully completed an entire interactive fiction game. Not to say there were not hard times where I wanted to throw the computer out the window; or even great "AHA moments" ,as I call them, where I had figured something out on my own or coded correctly.

Though fiction writing in general has never been my forte, I did learn skills with computer files and problem solving that I did not realize until I was nearly finished with the game. Through the frustrations, it is kind of rewarding to see a finished product come out. tow years ago I never would have imagined to be able to accomplish the detailsm writing, and coding this game now has. I am even surprised I came up with the concept on my own.

Though I knew I wanted to create a more realistic fictional game, I never thought I would end up doing a game about a familiar surrounding such as campus. I feel like I did meet my goal of being original with the plot idea of my game. Players will enjoy the down to earth, college student feel of "Seton HIll Game."

I am most proud for tackling some of the harder coding. You will learn more those details if you look at my youtube presentation. So feel free to look and click around at my experience with Inform 7.


Here is a log of my work on this final project. The start of it actually goes back to earlier in the Fall 2008 semester

September 22, 2008 - A comparison of two inform 7 games helped me come up with my game

September 30, 2008 - The first bit of scripting for the game

October 9, 2008 - The first Alpha test of my game - got some good info on how to expand what simple a game I ad from classmates. Added in more characters and made things more accessible in the game.

October 18, 2008 - Let my friend mike beta test my game. He was not familair with the kind of game but had some good pointers of what he thought would make it better.

Oct 21, 2008 -
blogged about my IF revision

From October 28 - November 18 did serious workshop time on the game

Novemeber 20, 2008 - Alpha release of game - Let the class tst what I considered to be somewhat of the finished project. Daniella and Tiffany were my testers in class.

November 25, 2008 - Put a tester youtube presentation up.

December 1, 2008 - Reflection blog of the end of my work


Here are some links to some resources I was using throughout my work with this Inform 7 game

This is a website that I tested some IF7 games on to figure out what kind of game I wanted to make

This is a website where you can downloard the actual Inform 7 program

A little wikipedia summary of what inform 7 is


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December 1, 2008

reflection on EL 405 project

So this is one of my only blogs for my final project of making my inform 7 game more than it was earlier in the semester.

Since this was my second time delving into inform 7, I was somewhat familiar with the genre and the coding. I have to say that as I worked on a slower and more "bit by bit" basis, I was able to gain more of an understanding on the technicalities of the game.

For now I have bought the game to better and more complete piece of work than I ever thought I would be able to make. Through a bunch of "aha" moments as I like to call them and some alpha and beta tests, I have found out what to include in a game and why I should put them there.

Though inform 7 was not one of my favorite things to learn, it is interesting to see how I have come such a long way from Writing for the internet to the game I have made now.

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