Journalism vs. English. And the Winner is ....

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I have perfectly good reasoning for wanting to take a journalism course rather than an english one.  Though I find no difference in the difficulty of writing articles and essays', I find the former to be much more enjoyable than the latter.  When I write an articles for a newspaper, I'm writing for the general public.  I have to make it as interesting as possible so that numerous people will want to read it.  Creativity is a necessity in journalism.  
On the other hand, and english essay doesn't have to be remotely interesting.  As long as the facts are accurate, grammar perfect, and content relating to the prompt, then an A is almost guaranteed.  With an english essay, I'm writing for a teacher, not a large number of people.  The essay can be as boring as I would like.  I mean, it has no chance of getting published.  How many other people have written essay's on the exact same topics as I have?
In journalism, each article in the paper has to be different.  No one will read the same take on the same topic more than once.  I love the creativity aspect of journalism.  When I write an article, I feel proud of my innovative ideas.  However, after I write an essay, I feel like taking a nap. 


Jeremy Barrick said:

You're right. There really are no differences, difficulty, between essay and article writing. It takes just as much knowledge to write an essay than it does an article.

Aja Hannah said:

I like to think of English writing as creative writing. That way I am writing for a general audience. Essays are boring though so I take a more journalistic voice when arguing a point (which sometimes that teacher doesn't like), but I don't really mind. At least the teacher was interested while reading.

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