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After taking a look at the Setonian Online, I can only describe it with rather unflattering terms.  No offense to Jeremy of course, since he is only a mere human trying to man an entire website alone.  However, I believe that with some cooperative people with creativity, the Setonian can become an award-winning online newspaper.  I have a few of my own ideas to contribute to this endeavor.  Imagine an entire article which containing words, pictures, and even sounds.  Here's and generic sample of this novel idea:

On Tuesday, February 17, at Corpus Christi (insert picture of building here)._______________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Joanne Boyle said, (insert podcast of her speaking her)


This method would bring back the childhood concept of using different senses to "read" a story. Wouldn't a story like the one in the example make more of an impact in your life than simply reading words on a dull webpage?

Color is another necessary component for a successful website.  Unfortunately, The Setonian Online lacks any and all color.  Articles in written in gray, black, and white tend to discourage readers rather than entice them to read the content of the article.  

With some bright colors, podcasts, pictures (in color, of course), as well as well-written articles, The Setonian WILL stand out amongst numerous collegiate newspapers' websites. 


Aja Hannah said:

I agree. How is the Setonian Online in black and white any different that the paper Setonian.

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